Animations by Yusuke Morishta, Toshikazu Ishii and Kuniko Shimono
were created based on scene from the movie.

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ELENA SHPAK, writer/director explains her original idea, illustrated by press articles:

One of the problems I wanted to mention in my film is the hostess industry in Japan and what makes it dangerous. It enslaves young girls from all over the world who leave their families drawn by false promises of wealth, happiness, and freedom to high paying hostess clubs, and continue to spur on this humiliating business that keep women's social status lower than serfs of the 18th century.

Hostessing can be a dangerous job, even in Japan which has a reputation for being safe from crime. Many young girls are tricked into the profession by unscrupulous traffickers and managers, and then forced into prostitution and servitude under threats to themselves and their families back home. Some have fallen victim to psychopathic clients and have been murdered and have simply disappeared. Because foreign hostesses are working at the margins of Japanese society, they often find it hard to get help they can trust. Sometimes even the police are more of a threat than a help. I attached these links for your viewing.

BBC article Nov. 14, 2000 - BBC article Feb. 10, 2001 - BBC article Mar. 29, 2001 - ABC article Feb 29, 2008

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