ELENA SHPAK, Screenplay Writer/Director

Elena Shpak: Born and raised in Archangelsk, Russia. She graduated from Belgorod State University of Russia
with a major in History and Psychology. She resided in Japan for five years, working in the fashion industry and studying Japanese. For a year and a half, she worked as a DVD distribution representative for Yamada & Global Company. By attending several film festivals, she eventually found her calling to be a film maker. Since 2005 she has been residing in New York and has taken courses in Film Producing, Film Analysis, Law for producers and Production Company Operations at New York University. During her first six-months at New York University she made good contacts that have led to work as a Production Assistant on film sets and in production office. To further develop her knowledge within the film industry, in the winter of 2008 she completed a course on Directing, Cinematography and Lighting at the School of Visual Arts. Furthermore, she took a Screenwriting and Fiction Writing class at the
Gotham Writer’s Workshop.

Credits: set PA for "American Gangster", "I am Legend", "The Alley", "The Proctor" and other productions. Office PA for "Turn The River" production.



The idea for the film "Hallucination" originated several years ago when I was living in Japan. I found the protagonist of the movie one night when I visited a hostess club in Tokyo, where both Japanese and Eastern European girls were working there. Many of the foreign girls were working without work permits. However, for some reason none of them wanted to go back home. Since then, I have been studying how many young women in Japan and in Russia suffer from a male dominated sexist society and are sexually abused, as happened to Satomy and Mira. The two girls work in a night club, and though neither of them know it, they both share a similar past of abuse. They have no feelings for, nor hopes from men. Their feelings of love are deeply hidden until the two of them meet. Despite their unfulfilling job, and the dull and false atmosphere at the club, they both are drawn to each other , establishing a unique connection at first sight, without words, just
by sight and spirit only. These two girls are dreamers and they don't realize that like all dreams without substance, theirs are very fragile and could disappear at the slightest touch of danger. Yet events cause the characters to realize that happiness in life is fragile, yet precious, and with that knowledge they will change will try to change their lives and the world around them.

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